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Why are trees flagged near the Mangrove Bayou?

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Why are trees flagged near the Mangrove Bayou?

Why are trees flagged near the Mangrove Bayou?

If you’ve visited The Bay lately and walked near the Mangrove Bayou, you may have noticed some trees are marked with flags of different colors. In the video below, Bill Waddill, our Chief Implementation Officer, explains what these flags indicate.

Today, in its current state, The Bay site is roughly 75 percent parking lot, but the goal is to transform this area by becoming 75 percent open park space, with thousands of additional trees planted during the different development phases. 

The Mangrove Bayou Walkway is one of the projects being completed during Phase 1 and construction is currently underway. The vast majority of the trees in this area are going to be staying in place (as designated by the yellow & orange flags) and will have protective fencing placed accordingly. Trees marked only with yellow flags will be relocated elsewhere on site, but remain preserved and protected. A small number of trees (mostly exotic or non-native species) are marked only with reg flags, which means they will be removed and mitigated.

Stay tuned for additional construction updates and please continue to submit your questions about the project.

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