Phase 1: August 28 Update - The Bay Sarasota
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Phase 1: August 28 Update


Phase 1: August 28 Update

Phase 1: August 28 Update

Construction continues on Phase 1 and there is a lot of activity and progress at The Bay. Watch Bill Waddill’s latest construction update video or read below to learn more.

What’s That Smell?

As you walk through the area, you may ask yourself… what’s that smell? Well, that’s the smell of restoration (and polluted silt!). For years, polluted silt and untreated runoff has closed off natural tidal flow, slowing the growth of seagrasses, corals, and oyster beds, thus hampering the survival of wildlife that relies on our mangroves for food and shelter.

Starting September 1st, we’ll be dredging the bayou to remove that polluted silt. As we dredge, silt will be dropped into on-land drying beds near the southern end of the Mangrove Walkway. As the silt settles and dries, we’ll be able to sift out pollutants and return healthy water to the bayou. The unpleasant aroma is a temporary inconvenience as we restore the bayou’s vital ecosystem. 

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