Phase 1: October 28 Update - The Bay Sarasota
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Phase 1: October 28 Update


Phase 1: October 28 Update

Nest Educational Deck Update:
We’re almost complete with the Nest educational deck near the west end of the Mangrove Bayou Walkway. Our design team interpreted red mangrove leaves and buttonwood leaves etched into the decking. The blue netting you will see is used on many playgrounds and was inspired by the other features being planned and developed for Phase 1 of The Bay Park.

Concession Pavilion:
The footings and foundation have been poured for the concession building and restrooms on the lawns. The wood framework is for the foundation for the arching shade structure that will be built. In the next week or two, the building will slowly be built up off the ground.

Renovation of the Mangrove Bayou Bridge:
Our construction team continues to finish the decking, in preparation to add railing, benches, dark sky-friendly lighting, and more beautiful etching similar to what has been done on the other educational decks. Since we completed the dredging of the bayou, the water has begun to clear up, and we hope to open the bridge by Thanksgiving.

Paddle Launch: Almost complete
With a little bit of landscaping and fine tuning to do, we’re almost ready to open the paddle launch for the public to use. It is ADA-accessible, and strategically designed so that those with a disability can still use the park feature. The paddle launch can also be expected to open by Thanksgiving.

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