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#1 (01/30/19)

Approved Master Plan

Images of the City Commission approved Master Plan and Phase 1.

#2 (09/11/18)

City Commission Special Session

View the full City Commission special session. 

Click here to watch the 4-hour City Commission special session meeting. 

For closed caption text, click here

#3 (09/08/18)

Presentation: Sarasota City Commission Approve Master Plan!

Check out the presentation that got us to a YES vote on Thursday!

#5 (07/31/18)

The Plan Takes Shape: Sasaki Releases New Designs

Click here to view the updated master plan designs!

Click here to download the designs. 

#7 (06/20/18)

Countdown to Final Presentations: Master Plan Takes Shape

Sasaki has refined feedback into a working final master plan to be presented next week in a series of public presentations.  Boating concerns have been heard and put into effect within the new master plan. 

You can find the June 19, 2018 board presentation in its entirety here

Community activation is climbing! As of May, nearly 40,000 respondents have been heard. 

#8 (06/06/18)

Activating a City: Sasaki Shapes Master Plan While Focusing on Financing

Great news, we've reached 37,115 community members through public engagement to-date! Now, with a narrowed focus on how the Master Plan will take shape, Sasaki and their team discuss financing.

Winning Concept:  


Results are in:


View the full board presentation here