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Bayfront Group Announces Transitional Leaders. (Observer)

The Sarasota Bayfront Planning Organization, which produced the master plan the City Commission adop...

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Three Big Projects that are About to Change our Region. (Sarasota Magazine)

If you’re just returning for the winter or visiting and haven’t kept up with the news, you may have ...

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Finally Approved, Hugh Civic Project “The Bay” Begins with a Linear Park. (Sarasota Magazine)

Wide-open green spaces that allow for open-air movie nights, lawn games, yoga sessions and pop-up ar...

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Building the Bayfront: Officials Plot Master Plan Implementation. (Observer)

On Sept. 6, the City Commission voted unanimously to adopt a master plan for redeveloping more than ...

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Editorial: Approval of The Bay a Milestone for City. (Herald-Tribune)

One goal of citizen and professional planners working to reinvigorate Sarasota’s public bayfront has...

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Sarasota City Commission Approves The Bay Project. (Herald Tribune)

The City Commission on Thursday rubber-stamped the highly anticipated mega-million dollar redevelopm...

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City Commission Approves Master Plan for Bayfront Redevelopment. (Sarasota Magazine)

The Sarasota City Commission on Thursday voted to approve a plan to redevelop 53 acres around the Va...

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Editorial: Bayfront Proposal is a Gift to Sarasota. (Herald-Tribune)

Christmas will come early for the Sarasota City Commission when it receives a gift from the communit...

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Bayfront Plan: Just Do It

The city hasn’t had a signature accomplishment since the Ringling Bridge. The message from city resi...

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