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What is the purpose of the development?

The purpose is to create a destination site that not only is attractive and inviting to the city but serves as a legacy along the Bayfront by enhancing and protecting the 53 acres and creating a world-renowned, integrated destination. The space will provide the community with cultural and educational heritage, outdoor programming, connectivity and sustainability.

Why is the project happening now?

More than 4 years of productive conversations with Sarasota’s diverse citizens have led to an unprecedented consensus regarding the future of the Bayfront, as articulated in the six implementation principles established by the community and ratified by the City Commission. Transitions in the status of adjacent parcels, combined with a stronger economy, also make this a particularly opportune moment to work toward a coherent and transformative vision for the broader Bayfront.

How long will the project take?

It will be developed in phases over a period of years. The first phase, being developed now, is estimated to take 2-3 years.

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan, also called a comprehensive plan, provides a long-range vision for the environment of a community. It guides the appropriate use of land within a municipality in order to protect the public health and safety and to promote general welfare.

Am I being taxed for any aspect of this project?

No. To date, there have been zero costs incurred by taxpayers through the planning phase of this project.

How can I get involved as a contractor?

The needs of the project and, subsequently, the need for local contractors have yet to be defined. As each phase of the master plan takes shape, clearly defined needs will be requested through news organizations and local media.

What can I do as a local community organization?

We encourage Sarasota’s community organizations to promote awareness of the project in the community and build support for the revitalization and transformation of the 53 acres.

What can I do as a member of the Sarasota community?

We encourage Sarasota’s citizens to become active and informed in the discussion about the future of the Sarasota Bayfront – like us on Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter, get engaged, donate to the project. Check out the “Get Involved” section of the website to see how you can participate.

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