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The Bay from Above

Enjoy a view of The Bay from above! Watch kids frolicking around the larger-than-life Ibis Playground or running along the Resilient Shoreline, witness families enjoying pop-up picnics or kicking a ball around Common Ground, and, of course, take in spectacular sunsets along Sarasota Bay (almost) every evening. Just click on the image below to start viewing!

The Osprey Nest at The Bay

When in residence, catch a glimpse of these native birds coming and going, building their home, and perhaps even nurturing their new offspring. 

Fountain Garden

Be with nature “virtually!” See the restored Fountain Garden which surrounds what was originally called “Tuttle’s Puddle” at the corner of North Tamiami Trail and Blvd of the Arts. Appreciate the Florida-friendly plantings that fill the garden and the restored historic Japanese Lantern that majestically adorns the pond.

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