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Business Partners of The Bay are a group of local businesses who support FREE park programming – ensuring that The Bay continues to be “One Park for All” — open and accessible, free and welcoming to the full and rich diversity of the community.  

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The Bay will allow everyone to enjoy the amazing waterfront views Sarasota has to offer. As a Sarasota based business owner, The Bay will create a beautiful place to hold team events and enhance our corporate culture. We are excited to partner with The Bay, transforming a parking lot into an iconic masterpiece for all to enjoy.

Pete Petersen
Dealers United

Every great city has great public parks. What would NYC be without Central Park; Washington, D.C. without the National Mall, or Paris without its abundant parks? The Berlin, Patten, Ebling law firm is proud to be a Founding Business Partner supporting development of The Bay Park in Sarasota. When fully developed, The Bay Park will be an iconic and spectacular landmark in Sarasota, enjoyed year-round by residents and visitors. This is something we can all support without hesitation.

Brenda L. Patten
Berlin Patten Ebling, LLC

Wilhelm Bros Inc has provided landscape management services in Sarasota for 43 years and we are proud to be a contributor to the efforts of The Bay Conservancy organization. We fully support their mission goals and guiding principle. Our employees and their families join us in our appreciate of the efforts to create a sustainable, diverse and inclusive environment for the benefit of all the residents of Sarasota County.

Ben Wilhelm
Wilhelm Bros. Inc.

As long-term residents of Sarasota and sailors on Sarasota Bay, we are excited and honored to be one of the Founding Business Partners of The Bay Park Conservancy! The business model of integrating and coordinating the City, County and the private sector to provide the best possible park facility for our community for generations to come is truly innovative and inspiring. Thanks for your continued efforts to enhance and preserve the exquisite beauty of Sarasota!

David Payne
The Payne Law Group

We value incorporating resilient ecological and sustainable solutions on our projects which is why we are excited to continue to support The Bay and their initiatives. This team has and will continue to go above and beyond what is required and educate the public, and we are honored to be a part of it.

Penny Cutt
Cummins Cederberg

As an organization whose purpose is to Create Things That Matter, Haskell takes great pride in helping to create projects that will serve the Sarasota community for generations. We are honored to be able to deliver your vision, while promoting local artisans, outdoor activities and event spaces. We are excited about the opportunity provided by The Bay Conservancy, and the community of Sarasota, to be a Founding Business Partner of The Bay and we look forward to supporting you and the local community in the Future.

Peter M. Kinsley, President

As a law firm heavily invested in the Sarasota community, we know that the transformative work undertaken at The Bay will benefit every member of our community for decades to come.

Jennifer Compton

People will look back in gratitude for those who saw what The Bay Park mean to multiple generations. Having my company as a Founding Business Partner makes me really proud.

Cathy Layton
Layton & Company, Inc.

Sforzo Dillingham Stewart Orthopedics + Sports Medicine is proud to support The Bay Park’s vision for this magnificent park for our community and in particular, the enhanced recreational, fitness and healthy experiences.

Pam Krouse
Sforzo Dillingham & Stewart

Our City is so fortunate to have this unique property. My team and I are happy to be financial supporters of giving everyone reason to be at The Bay.

Pete Russell
SRD Development, Inc

Kerkering, Barberio & Co. is proud to be a part of this transformational community plan. We believe in the Guiding Principles of the Bay Park Conservancy; Aspiration, Cultural Heritage, Bayfront/Natural Assets, Activation, Connectivity, and Sustainability. Our firm strongly supports giving back to our community, and we feel this initiative will become a crowned jewel of the region for generations to come.

Rob Lane, Managing Shareholder
Kerkering, Barberio & Co.

Joining The Bay Park Conservancy as a Founding Business Partner is a perfect fit for Icard Merrill given our legacy of service and dedication to Sarasota and the entire region. Being a part of The Bay Park reinforces our firm’s core values and commitment to give back and fulfill community needs and expectations. We are excited to support this transformational project!

Bill Merrill
Icard, Merrill, Cullis, Timm, Furen & Ginsburg, PA

This was not a difficult decision for our Company. We are honored to be able to lend our support to the efforts of all concerned in making the dream of establishing a cultural and economic legacy for the region while ensuring open, public access to the Bayfront.

Ian Black
Ian Black Real Estate

I feel honored to support an environmentally sustainable project that will help to preserve the natural beauty of the land and ecosystem that my children, Gabriella and Peter were raised in. I feel equally as proud that this waterfront park will be accessible to everyone and that this land will be protected for future generations in perpetuity.

Seeta Giannone

A Greek proverb states that “A society grows great when old people plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” We at Composite Ventures believe venture capital is also a critical long term activity to build society, and we honor the Bay Park Conservancy for their vision and fortitude.

Jim Armstrong
Composite Ventures

The Bay will be an iconic asset to our entire community. The Sarasota Chamber is honored to support this legacy project for our entire region and community.

Heather Kasten, President and CEO
Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Bank of America’s partnership with The Bay is rooted in our shared commitment to promoting ecological, economic and financial stability for a more sustainable future in the communities we serve,” said Mike McCoy, president, Bank of America Sarasota-Manatee. “Environmental stewardship is critical to the welfare of our region, and we look forward to helping The Bay to establish a beautiful bayfront that will generate economic opportunity in Sarasota and be enjoyed for generations to come.

Michael McCoy
Bank of America

As an economic development organization in Sarasota County, we recognize the significant community impact this effort will have for generations to come. The mission to facilitate the implementation and operation of an iconic and aspirational park for all citizens and visitors couldn’t be more visionary for a community that is already globally recognized for its cultural and natural assets.

Lisa Krouse
EDC of Sarasota County

Becoming a Founding Business Partner of The Bay, is aligned with VeraCruz’s values to be part of the communities we serve and to support endeavors that have meaningful, multigenerational impact. It’s a blessing to be a small part of something that creates a sense of wonder and harmony with nature – for all to enjoy.

Carlos R. de Quesada
VeraCruz Advisory

The Tidewell Foundation recognizes the importance of open green space, available for free access and enjoyment by the public as important to the health and well-being of all people. We are delighted to be a small part of preserving our natural resources locally.

Debbie Mason

GWS USA mission is to develop and deliver innovative products and cutting-edge technologies for the movement and processing of water. One of our core values is to be socially- and environmentally conscious in all aspects of our business and a philanthropic partner in the communities we serve. These values align with those of The Bay Sarasota serving our employees and communities with a sustainable, iconic destination on our beautiful Sarasota Bay.

Sean Natarajan, CEO and Managing Director
Globalwater Solutions USA

The Bay is bringing a multidimensional arts & enjoyment experience to Sarasota. The laughter, gratification, and culture that this project will bring to residents and visitors is the true fabric of a community. Thank you to all facets involved in bringing this wonderful connection to our city.

Brenda & Geoffrey Michel
The Met Fashion House, Day Spa & Salon

Visit Sarasota County applauds the completion of Phase 1 of the Bay Park.  It is vital that businesses support this unique Sarasota gem that provides the free enjoyment of nature, recreation and the arts for all.  We are happy to do our small part to make this vision a reality.

Virginia J. Haley, CDME
Visit Sarasota County

As a Sarasota native, I’ve long appreciated our City’s natural beauty, charm, and stunning waterfront views. While Sarasota continues to grow and evolve into a premier destination for visitors near and far (or from around the world/globe), it’s important that we preserve the spaces that make it special. I’m proud to support The Bay in its efforts to ensure that future generations have a place to gather and experience the uniqueness of this great place our Admiral Travel family is lucky to call home.

Alexis Leeming
Admiral Travel

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