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Continuing the “Ring” at The Bay

Phase 2 develops a “ring” – a continuous loop of park green space – around the site including the western edge of Phase 1 and up along the Sarasota Bay, across 10th Street, and the North Tamiami Trail frontage along the eastern edge of the park.

The total cost of Phase 2 is planned to be $65 million – with $48 million in funding coming from a TIF-backed City of Sarasota bond and the remaining $17 million will come from government grants.

Phase 2 Projects

Design efforts for the four projects are underway, and construction should be completed by the end of 2026.

1. Sunset Pier
2. Cultural District
3. Day Docks & Seawall (Canal District)
4. Resilient Shoreline

Sunset Pier

Located directly off of the current living resilient shoreline at the southwest corner of the park, this marine-life-friendly pier will provide over-water experiences where everyone will have access to the magnificent views of Sarasota Bay and spectacular sunsets. Areas for fishing, paddling and wading will also be provided.

Cultural District

Considered the “front door” of The Bay along North Tamiami Trail, the Cultural District will honor historic buildings, such as the Municipal Auditorium and the Blue Pagoda, by connecting them with a stunning tree-lined promenade. A new vibrant Town Square will provide additional event and gathering spaces for programming, events and activities, while enhancing the microclimate and environmental qualities of the area.

Day Docks and Seawall (Canal District)

Improved and increased access from the water will be possible due to the addition of day docks and a reconstructed seawall. As part of a future phase of the park and building on the community’s desire for bayfront dining, this area will eventually become the south end of an enlivened destination that will be home to a food village of restaurants with nearby places and spaces to relax and have fun.

Resilient Shoreline

Continuing to convert about a mile of bayfront located along the western edge of the park into a living, resilient shoreline will enable nature to handle and endure the flooding and storm surges that are inherent parts of tropical storms and hurricanes. Additional green space, walking paths and viewing spots will allow even more access to Sarasota Bay.

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