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Phase 1: October 23 Update


Phase 1: October 23 Update

Phase 1: October 23 Update

This week several new improvements were made to the Fountain Garden, as part of an ongoing effort to improve the water quality of the pond. This included the addition of two aerators on either side of the fountain, which will help circulate the water and settle sediment to the bottom of the pond.

One of the most visible new features visitors will notice is the floating wetland. This 10ft x 5ft island is porous at the bottom, allowing the roots of the plants to grow down to the water and absorb nutrients. Once the plants mature, they are harvested for compost and new plants are replanted on the island. To help minimize erosion along the bank, several kinds of water lilies and sedges were also planted along the shoreline of the pond. In the near future, the pond will be stocked with fish that naturally eat the algae.

When walking along the re-opened western portion of the Mangrove Walkway, visitors may also notice the temporary safety railing that was installed around a large cement slab. Once part of the Selby Library, the slab is a remnant of an outdoor reading room and The Bay plans to honor that history with a new interpretation of a reading room that will be built in that location sometime next year.

If you have any questions, please reach out via Ask The Bay and fill out the form.

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