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Bay Sarasota, Quay Sarasota construction projects rolling along in 2022


Bay Sarasota, Quay Sarasota construction projects rolling along in 2022

The article originally appeared in ABC7 on February 17, 2022

Watch the video by clicking here.

A transformation is underway along Sarasota’s Bayfront with construction gaining ground in the first two months of 2022 on both Quay Sarasota and Bay Sarasota.

Ten months ago, the plans for the construction were revealed for the two separate projects happening side by side. Construction on the Bayfront is gaining momentum. Luxury condos are now rising from the ground and the long-awaited 10-acre park at Bay Sarasota is coming closer to reality.

“We’ve made a ton of progress at Phase 1 of the park; in fact, it’s scheduled to open late summer or early fall,” said Bill Waddill, chief implementation officer of the Bay Park Conservancy

When complete, the design will be a nod to the former G Wiz Science Museum that once stood on park property. There will also be a spot just for kids with the Ibyss Playground. A lot of events had to be put into motion to get to where we are today.

“Most of the 30 acres of parking, in this half-mile of U.S. 41 has drained polluted water straight into the bay for decades, so as we build out each phase, we put in these treatment tools to pre-treat the storm water and then we restore the native environment and the water environment so that nature can heal itself,” explains Waddill.

A $10 million state grant will help bolster efforts to keep the bay safe. That money will go straight to raising up Van Wezel Way and restoring water quality at Hog Creek, as well as improving the shoreline along the park.

As for the community, residents are enjoying scenery along the already opened walkways and hitting the water on the newly opened handicap friendly kayak and paddleboard launch.

In the Quay Sarasota, high-rises are coming to life and the million-dollar homes are expected to be move in ready by late 2023.

The Ritz Residences are fully occupied and plans are underway on the lower level for a restaurant.

Greenpointe is ready to break ground on a rental tower along U.S. 41 with 12,000 square feet of retail.

Thanks to Greenpointe Developers’ partnerships with the City and FDOT, Greenpointe built the Fruitville roundabout, which is now open and pedestrian friendly.

The mood from residents is optimistic and it’s a whole new way on the quay.

“We hope to re-establish that especially through our central quay park, where you’ll have concerts, you’ll have festivals, you’ll have many events that will really try to re-establish what I think the fun part of what the quay was,” said Grady Miars, president of Greenpointe Developers.

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